SpiralVeyor ML-configuration

The SpiralVeyor ML-configuration is a Multi-Level Spiral elevator. It offers greater flexibility when designing your lay-out in 3 dimensions. Products can be merged into, or be diverted from, the SpiralVeyor on different levels.

The SpiralVeyor ML consists of 3 hardware elements.
1) A SpiralVeyor SV platform
2) One or more merge units and/or
3) One or more diverts

Merging/induction can take place tangentially or radially. Radially is selected for the irregular introduction of regular shaped items like boxes or tote boxes. Tangentially is preferred when introducing trains/slugs, and/or odd shaped items like SKU's.

Depending on the use, there is a choice of two types of diverts. The radial divert diverts the products radially from the main stream. The tangential divert leads items in tangential direction from the main stream

To connect the conveyors to the ML-configuration, a connection bridge is preferred and most economic.

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