SpiralVeyor Nested-configuration

SpiralVeyor Nested-configuration



The Nested-configuration is a multi-track spiral that offers the most compact and flexible spiral conveying solution. The Nested-configuration can be applied for both elevation and accumulation purposes. The spiral is based on the idea that you can wind more than one track around the same vertical axle. These tracks can have the same belt width.

With the SpiralVeyor Nested-configuration, two or more tracks run above each other instead of side by side. This makes it especially well-suited for products with a low height. Each track functions entirely separate, each with their own gear motor, maintenance access, and end rollers.

In/outfeed configurations: The Nested-configuration comes in a limited number of in/outfeed configurations. Custom configurations can be made on request.

Product height: The clear product height is limited because of the nested configuration. To calculate the approximate clear product height, take the standard clear product height of a non-nested spiral configuration, minus 140 mm and divide it by two.

Suitable for goods:

low-height products


  • Two product flows on the floor space of one
  • Designed for low-height products
  • For elevation or buffering
  • Available for the following platforms and belt widths:
  • SpiralVeyor SVs: 100, 140, 200 mm
  • SpiralVeyor SV: 300, 400, 500, 600 mm
  • SpiralVeyor SVe: 600 - 1200 mm
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