SpiralVeyor SpiralConnect-Programme



AmbaFlex offers the SpiralConnect-programme which combines the benefit of both the unique and reliable SpiralVeyor and the flexible AmbaVeyor in one solution.

The SpiralConnect-programme allows you to combine both the SpiralVeyor and the connecting conveyors to one conveyor solution, one belt and one drive, removing the need for complex integration.

The SpiralVeyor can be extended on both ends with many meters of belt, including curves. SpiralConnect aims for integrated conveying lines, which reduces the amount of transitions.

Suitable for goods:

Cartons, containers, trays, bottlepacks, bags, crates and totes


  • Combine spiral elevation and curved conveyors
  • 3-Dimensional conveying
  • ONE connection, ONE belt type
  • Side flexing belt concept
  • Simple installation
  • Available on SpiralVeyor SVs 100, 140, 200 and SV 300, 400, 500, 600
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