Both single file and mass flow transportation of liquids is made easy by AmbaFlex spiral technology. Ready to handle any type of material, shape or size. No matter if its PET, HDPE or glass, cylindrical, rectangular, reverse tapered or irregularly curved. Our spirals are the preferred choice of many of the industries leaders.

Filling Mass Flow

Handling the mass flow of bottles and cans presents some well-known challenges in filling line layouts. Mass flow accumulation tables and single liners take up a lot of space and can become problematic when operators need to move efficiently along multiple filling, labeling and packing stations. Making use of the 3rd dimension, or using multiple stories in a mass fill line, has been impossible for a very long time. Even lowering empty cans or bottles down from a depalletizer presented a difficult challenge. However, AmbaFlex's development of the first spiral conveyor that was able to handle mass flow products opened up many new possibilities in the efficient use of space in liquid container handling.

Filling Single File

Liquid containers are usually transported single file, especially in applications such as winemaking, dairy, distilled, sports drinks and sodas. These containers are made from carton packs, PET, HDPE or glass. The shape can be cylindrical, rectangular, reverse tapered or irregularly curved. Preventing mass flow is a trend, as it requires a great deal of space in re-single lining of the flow. It is also the preferred method if the right handling solutions are available. Many single file flows remain on ground level. Height differences require long lengths due to instability, but usually there is no floor space available for this. Instability or sensitive handling also requires special options, but good solutions for elevation, accumulation or buffering have not been available in the past. AmbaFlex enjoys taking on special challenges such as belt lubrication, glass breakage and hot filling. We offer an extensive range of elevator and accumulation solutions.

Liquid Container Packing

One of the most demanding secondary product flows is bottle packs. High speeds, high loads, multiple rows and new eco-packs make these lines a challenge for most elevator suppliers. But not for AmbaFlex. The high loads can be comfortably dealt with thanks to the Triple-E belt guide. This true rolling friction technology reduces driving power to a minimum, allowing extreme elevations and high loads while consuming the least amount of energy. It's not just the internal technology, but also the extended range of products and configuration that exactly matches the market's needs and makes AmbaFlex the preferred choice. In fact, even back in the nineties, AmbaFlex was already THE solution for shrink packs, crates, and trays of liquid containers.

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