2/6 - PreDefined for your convenience - The SpiralVeyor BottleLift

PreDefined for your convenience - The SpiralVeyor BottleLift

With over 20 years of experience and more than 25.000 spirals installed worldwide in various industries, AmbaFlex is by far the most experienced spiral manufacturer. This enables us to offer our customers what we call PreDefined-Configurations or PDC's for short. 

These PDC's are a collection of market and application-specific SpiralVeyors, which are optimally configured for its intended purpose, giving the customer exactly what they need.

SpiralVeyor BottleLift

One of these is the SpiralVeyor BottleLift, a spiral with a preselection of options to make it perfect to (de)elevate or store a single flow of bottles, cans, or jars in the most space-efficient way possible. 

Just a few examples of these options are: 

  • The ultra-flat friction tops to ensure even the most unstable liquid container are handled with ease.
  • The endless and jam-free product guides made from a single piece of stainless steel.
  • A corrosion-resistant paint to handle the harshest environments and cleaning detergents.
  • And many more!

Together with its compact build, as it saves up to 66% percent when compared to conventional spiral conveyors, it's the perfect solution to safely transport liquid containers.

Request the PDC leaflet via inquiry@ambaflex.com

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