In the packaging market, be it primary or secondary, it's critical that products stay in pristine condition while keeping a high throughput. AmbaFlex spirals are known for their longevity and careful handling of goods while maintaining blazing speeds. Even multi-rows, portal functions, cooling or accumulating is possible with the proprietary technology of AmbaFlex.

Confezione primaria

Primary packages come in many shapes and sizes but their versatility and sensitivity make them prone to possible damage. Because AmbaFlex spiral conveyors are known for the level of quality they deliver and their versatile functionality, they are widely used in primary packing. This ranges from vertical transport between floors to creating portal passages, as well as the cooling and dynamic accumulating of products. Compared to the usual modular plastic conveyor belts, the AmbaFlex conveyor belt is much stronger due to its steel base chain which can be extended over a 100 metres of belt.

Imballaggio secondario

In end-of-line packaging, there are two critical aspects for keeping the whole process running smoothly. First is the line availability; because if the end of the line stops, the complete upstream packaging and processing needs to stop. Second is a clever layout; as most palletizers need to be closer to the dispatch area than to the packing line, creative three-dimensional solutions are required. AmbaFlex offers solutions that include both these critical aspects as well as high performance and low cost of ownership.

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