21/11 - A Collaborative Solution with Trio Pac and AmbaFlex

A Collaborative Solution with Trio Pac and AmbaFlex

Recently, a collaborative effort took place with Trio Pac on a project involving the transportation of thermoformed wrapped cheese blocks. The end user initially approached AmbaFlex directly, drawing on a previous collaboration and considering a direct purchase to potentially reduce costs. However, upon a thorough review of the inquiry by the Area Sales Manager, it was determined that collaborating with an integrator would add significant value to the project. The recommendation was made to work with Trio Pac, a local expert whose expertise could assist in achieving the desired outcomes.

Trio Pac adeptly listened to the customer's requirements and seamlessly incorporated AmbaFlex's packaging solutions into their layout. Collaborating with AmbaFlex's Technical Lead Engineer for Packaging, they addressed the challenge of merging two product lanes into the elevation-changing machines in a cost-effective manner. While exploring the X-configuration, which could easily combine the product lanes, it was found to increase the machine's overall cost due to the higher number of drives and belts required.

To meet the customer's goals economically, the team designed spiral conveyors that featured a lane divider on a single-belt machine. The proposed SpiralVeyor SV required only one belt and one drive, proving to be more economical in terms of both initial and maintenance costs over time. The end solution, a SpiralVeyor SV machine with lane dividers, was selected by the customer for elevating foodservice cheese blocks to an aerial conveyor. Additionally, another SpiralVeyor SV machine with lane dividers was chosen to lower the cheese blocks to an end-of-line packaging conveyor.

The successful implementation of this well-designed solution is eagerly anticipated, and AmbaFlex looks forward to receiving feedback from Trio Pac and their customer following the installation of the SpiralVeyors later this year.

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