24/8 - Keeping it on track

Keeping it on track

A global player in the manufacturing of personal care and household products has been implementing new lines in their current floor plan. In existing factories, this often means having to transport products over other lines and equipment as space is scarce. These additional interactions with the product can result in unwanted side effects like disorientation or even damage to the products themselves.

This particular line produces laundry pods, packed in polybags, and had to traverse an area full of other machines and supply lines. The most efficient way was for the products to go up, move over the crowded area, and move back down again to connect to the next phase.

The only viable option to accomplish this was to use the compact spiral conveyor as they had a minimal amount of floor space left to fit new machines in. But not all spirals are created equal. After doing their research, they found that some spiral manufacturers had less favorable technology resulting in products losing their orientation and place on the belt while going through the machine. This was not acceptable and would compromise the efficiency of the whole line.

AmbaFlex had the right technology to ensure perfect handling throughout the whole machine. Thanks to the unique high-friction covering the slat's entire width, our AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor series offers the smoothest and safest vertical elevation for any product. This, coupled with compact transfers that are up to 50% smaller than other options available today, ensures products come out of the spiral elevator the same way they went in.

We always aim to exceed our customer's expectations, showing the world the possibilities of spiral innovation.

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