SpiralVeyor Flexibility-programme

SpiralVeyor Flexibility-programme

AmbaFlex fully understands the challenges that end users are facing. Changes in the requirements that integrated systems have to fulfil are unpredictable. In such cases, conveyor systems need to be as flexible to sudden changes as a chameleon!

Over the years, AmbaFlex has successfully developed a well-balanced programme of options to modify its products to changing requirements such as changes in load capacity, speed, elevation, or in/out feed configurations. The Lifecycle Flexibility Programme consists of the following options that can be selected to suit each customer's unique requirements.

  • Upgraded Load capacity
  • Speed upgrades
  • Modified in/out configuration
  • SpiralVeyor Re-flanging
  • Spiralveyor Re-framing
  • SpiralVeyor Exchange
  • SpiralVeyor site modification
  • Modified elevation

All these modifications are set up such that minimum time on site is needed so as to keep disruption to a minimum. Take for example our re-flanging option. We factory build the add-on module exactly to your requirements, bring it to your site pre-assembled, bolt the pre made segment in the spiral, fine tune, test, commission and ready to run! It could easily be an overnight job!

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