SpiralVeyor Portal-configuration


Ideally, more machines can be operated with fewer people. Supply paths for materials should be short and when fixing issues in multiple line operations, every second saved is vital.

The ideal situation would be a product flow that goes both up and down to create access. But how can you achieve this? Traditional solutions include 'step-overs' or 'crawl under' systems or more limited, but less efficient, clamp conveyors, elevators or inclined belts. Now the perfect solution is available - The SpiralVeyor Portal.

It is very simple! Two spirals, one up, one down, and an overhead bridging conveyor element suspended in between.

Suitable for goods:

Cartons, containers, trays, bottlepacks, bags, crates and totes


  • Smart and simply way to create extra space
  • Two spirals, one up, one down, and a overhead bridging element
  • Pre-tested and ready to go
  • The Portal-ONE has only ONE belt for the total configuration
  • No product transfers
  • No risk of jams
  • Less drives
  • Available for the following platforms: SV, SVs, SVe and SVm
Contact - Ryan Cupp
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