SpiralVeyor X- configuration

The SpiralVeyor X-configuration is designed to elevate packed items in multiple packs. The popular SpiralVeyor SV and SVs platforms are fitted with more belt lanes to accomodate different product flows in one machine.

This unique feature allows multiple product lines to elevate side by side, ideally catering to modern packaging lanes which produce in dual or even triple lanes. Each line speed can be controlled separately and can even run in opposite directions.

Suitable for goods:

Cartons, containers, trays, bottlepacks, bags, crates and totes


  • Belt width SVs platform: 100/140/200 mm
  • Belt width SV platform: 300/400/ 500 mm
  • Belt width SVm platform: 200/ 300 mm
  • Full rolling friction available
  • Solid and durable welded frame, painted or stainless steel - guaranteed no soft metals
  • Load capacity up to 50kg/m
  • Built-in chain stretch detection
  • Any combination of belts and number of lanes on special request.

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