20/11 - Saving the flavor

Saving the flavor

A famous coffee company, looking to enter the European market, chose the Netherlands as a strategic point to get their delicious roast into the rest of the continent. For this particular plant, they needed a way to ensure that the bags of beans coming out of the packer wouldn’t suffer from any downstream breakdowns as it would hurt the quality of the product.

This meant they had to look for a fully dynamic first-in-first-out line balancer (accumulator) to cope with the potential standstills. Most traditional accumulators have to touch or grab the product in some way in order to achieve a FIFO process. But as the beans are packed in bags made from layers of laminated barrier film, together with a special valve to guarantee freshness, they are difficult to handle and prone to damage.

With an end-user that accepts only the highest standards of safety and labor-friendly operation from each unit in the line, options were limited.  After carefully weighing their options they ended up with the only true solution for their line, the AmbaFlex AccuVeyor AVh.

The AccuVeyor AVh is specially designed for primary packages such as pouches or oddly shaped and delicate packs. Its unique patented technology is based on a single belt that is guided out of the up-running guide frame into the down-running guide frame. Which means that products don’t transfer from one belt to another but the actual belt transfers to a different frame. The items will stay on the same belt segment throughout the system without being touched or grabbed.

Together with its rapid response to speed differences in up and downstream lines that dynamically balances the line for maximizing efficiency, it passes all the necessary requirements with flying colors.

Keeping your favorite coffee brand as tasty as ever.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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