17/5 - AmbaFlex decisive victory against illegal copycat

AmbaFlex decisive victory against illegal copycat

As the proud inventor of the SpiralVeyor, we have installed close to 20.000 SpiralVeyors worldwide, in some of the most demanding conditions. We have worked hard to serve the Chinese market to the best of our ability and have completed some of our largest projects there. Including major projects with the likes of Nike(耐克, Hailan home(海澜之家, Anta (安踏), Alibaba Cainiao(阿里巴巴菜鸟) Embryform(安莉芳, JD(京东) and of course, the tallest SpiralVeyors ever built – over 32 meters tall – at Adidas (阿迪达斯). Not to forget various large projects with local companies, like the delivery of over 20 spirals for Sunning’s(苏宁)largest and most sophisticated e-commerce project ever.

Our patented products and designs are exclusively available for customers of AmbaFlex. The patented technology together with our many years of experience guarantees you will have the most effective and cost-efficient solution available in the market today.

Unfortunately, not all companies respect the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into developing new innovative solutions. One of these firms, a China-based organization called the ‘Shanghai Hui Ge Industrial Co., Ltd’ infringed on one of the global patents AmbaFlex holds in regards to spiral conveyors. Fortunately, the Chinese government has been diligent in building an intellectual property protection system to reinforce IP protection which made it possible for us to protect our inventions.

After several unanswered warning letters from AmbaFlex to the ‘Hui Ge’ company to inform them they were infringing on one the awarded patents, AmbaFlex was forced to plead their case to the Peoples court of China. The court was short and resolute in their verdict and ordered ‘Hui Ge’ to immediately stop producing patent-infringing products, destroy the described products in stock and delete any related promotional material. In addition, they ordered a full compensation for economic losses and right-maintaining expenses.

AmbaFlex has always been very loyal to end users that bought a product in good faith, which turned out to infringe on our patents. The same applied to this case where AmbaFlex kindly waived the penalties to the Chinese beverage company who purchased the products from ‘Hui Ge’ and did not push for a request to remove the equipment from their production lines even though the court verdict gave us the authority to do so. This resulted in a healthy business relationship with a new loyal end-user.

It is crucial for AmbaFlex to defend our technology and inventions. Protecting our patents ultimately serves the best interest of all our customers and our employees. With our new factory and offices in China we employ many Chinese workers and staff, therefore stopping these copyright infringements also serves in the interests of the People’s Republic of China. We are truly glad to experience such good cooperation from the Chinese government and legal system.

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