14/10 - AmbaVeyor – Keeping it cool

AmbaVeyor – Keeping it cool

One of the worlds most successful rose growers, with their roots firmly placed in dutch soil, had some concerns trying to connect various processes within their halls as they were implementing a new rose-sorting line.

This specific case had some extra challenges as they needed to connect the cold store with other, non-cooled areas like storage facilities. To let the conveyors access these cells, they had to carve holes into the walls, effectively reducing the quality of isolation. And, as it turned out with the recent hot summers, this would mean they would have to add more cooling capabilities and significantly increase energy costs as the cooling cells would have to work harder to keep the temperature at an optimum level.

Luckily for them, their machine integration partner knew about the benefits of AmbaVeyor, the flexible conveyor made by AmbaFlex. This type of conveyor runs on spiral technology, which makes it perfect for projects where you don't want to make any concessions, especially on the available floor space (or in this case, both floor and wall space). 


The AmbaVeyor can run for long stretches at a time, incorporate bends, nooses, curves, and other shapes while running on just one drive. This was a significant advantage as it gave the layout designer a free hand in drawing the perfect route. Especially the unique Ambaveyor inclined S-conveyor made it possible to keep the hole in the cold store as small as possible as they already knew a conventional line would ruin the isolation too much.

Keeping the heads cool of these world-class growers is only one of the many advantages AmbaVeyor can offer. Interested in the other benefits this solution has to offer?

AmbaVeyor modular conveyor system for Endless Flexibility!

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