27/3 - As safe as castles

As safe as castles

The largest dairy company in Germany wanted to expand their production and add a new line to one of their existing sites. Like many production facilities, when designing a new line layout, floor space is limited, and this project was no different. AmbaFlex has solved many similar kinds of problems for customers around the world, but this case was unique.

With the can-depalletizer on one side of the aisle and the filler on the other, they had to figure out a way to connect these two without blocking any walkways. The AmbaFlex Portal One solution was the perfect fit, especially for handling the unstable (empty) cans. The reason is that the patented AmbaFlex solution runs on only one belt, without any added transfers, keeping the product stable throughout the whole machine.

Though the truly unique aspect of the project became apparent when the customer had a couple of very specific customization requests. The open empty cans meant for infant formula, which enter the portal after the depalletizer, needed to stay in pristine condition and reach the filler without any risk of contamination along the way. The whole solution needed to be shielded against pollutants or debris from other parts of the line.

AmbaFlex offers a wide variety of customization options for any spiral request. The most common ones are included in our Value Added Features Programme, but even requests outside these options are possible. For this specific case, AmbaFlex built a stainless steel Outer Shielding complete with polycarbonate plates and top cover construction to guarantee a safe and clean journey through the Portal-ONE solution. This cover will be pressurized to ensure no contamination gets in.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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