5/7 - Celebrating 25 years

Celebrating 25 years

Celebrating 25 years of making the manufacturing floor more efficient – “One Winding at a Time!”

AmbaFlex reached a milestone anniversary celebrating 25 years as the leading manufacturer and developer of spiral conveying technology. Founded in 1996, when the first SpiralVeyor was created in a small shed in the Netherlands, AmbaFlex has since grown into a global corporation with an extensive portfolio of innovative spiral solutions designed to match the needs of various major markets.

AmbaFlex serves virtually all variants of eCommerce, warehousing, packaging, bottling & canning, and printing lines across the globe through our three regions: EMEA, AMCAS and APAC. With the ever-increasing demand for efficient and innovative solutions, AmbaFlex continues to expand in all regions, both in manufacturing and R&D capacity. Our latest project in Canton, OH will add a new 50,000 sqft facility to the already existing plant, ensuring it's ready to deliver for many years to come.

Our 25 years of laser focus on spiral technology and a genuinely customer-centric approach have made us the global market leader. Collaborating closely with our customers continues to give us the technological edge to develop solutions that truly match the various needs of our markets.

This kind of development allows us to provide the broadest product portfolio in the spiral technology market, ranging from elevation (SpiralVeyor) and flexible horizontal conveying (AmbaVeyor) to accumulation and buffering (AccuVeyor). 

We are proud of what we achieved with no small thanks to our employees' hard work and dedication and the trust we've received from our customers. We look forward to the next 25 years of growth in spiral conveying technology and fashioning innovations that will help our customers grow even further and continue to make the world a more efficient place one winding at a time.

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