7/9 - Connecting machines on different levels

Connecting machines on different levels

Not all in- and outfeeds are created equally, especially when talking about their respective heights. As a result, connecting various machines to each other often requires lowering or raising the products. This can become an issue if space is limited.

Project details:
• SVs Nano, one of the most compact solutions available
• With a footprint of only 790 mm
• And a high throughput; 35 kg/m and 60 m/min

One of our customers experienced this issue when trying to connect a case packer with a packaging machine. To reach the case packer, the cookies coming out of the packaging machine had to take several sharp turns and bridge almost 2 meters in height.

As walkways and other equipment surrounded the line, there was little room left for conventional options. This made it crucial to find a solution that could meet the strict space constraints while keeping up with the high and continuous throughput of the packer.

Our SpiralVeyor SVs series is one of the most compact solutions on the market today, with its smallest being the SVs Nano. It can fit virtually anywhere as it has a footprint of only 790mm. Also, thanks to its build, it can still transport a relatively heavy load while maintaining high speeds.

These small yet powerful spiral conveyors make it easy to connect various parts of the line without sacrificing a lot of floor space. This prevents overly complex layouts and improves overall efficiency.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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