7/3 - Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

The lifeline that snakes through every production or logistics layout is the many miles of regular point A to point B conveyor system. They are a fundamental part that has to work flawlessly to connect all the centers of operation. 

Project details
·         Limitless flexibility with the AmbaVeyor system
·         Fast installation through pre-assembled sections
·         Perfect match through custom configuration 
·         A minimum amount of drives needed

In any production or logistics line, gaining the edge over your competition means you have to work hard to find ways to be better. Therefore, finding a partner with proven expertise in a specific topic is paramount.

In this case, one of our Italian customers needed a low-maintenance yet highly flexible conveyor system to transport stacks of carton crates. Most of the conveyors had too many transitions and drives and couldn't safely transport these stacks at a slight incline.

AmbaVeyor can run up to 50 meters straight with only one drive; this saves countless motor drives (and the controls needed) and unwanted transfers. Additionally, thanks to the compact transfer (due to how the chain and belt system works), the few needed transitions had minimal effect on the product's stability.

An added bonus of this system is that it's quick and easy to make modifications by adding or changing certain aspects of the AmbaVeyor setup. This means its also future-proof and able to meet any changes in demands.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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