20/6 -  Creating efficiency one winding at a time 

 Creating efficiency one winding at a time 

Spiral conveyors can be used for many creative and innovative solutions (portal access, buffering, dynamic accumulation, etc.). But their core features remain at the center of their success; they're the most compact solution on the market while delivering very high throughputs.

Project details:
- Layout for Nutraceutical products 
- Wash down environment
- Stainless steel SpiralVeyors
- Seamless cooperation with DCC automation 

Even with new projects, space can be a limiting factor in designing a layout. Every square foot extra will add a significant amount of costs to the total project. As the facility manager of this project aptly said, "we had to work within our architectural window.".

For this project, we worked with one of long standing trusted partners, DCC automation. They know the packaging industry inside out and have more than 68 years of experience building the most efficient layouts for their customers. In this particular case, a Major Nutraceutical Manufacturer needed something that could handle the required throughput while remaining small enough to fit within the set boundaries of the design.

A short line of communication with our engineers and other experts ensures that a suitable solution is always quickly found. This time the answer was multiple stainless steel SpiralVeyor SV300-900's with a small footprint of only 1.2 m2 and ideal for most hygienic applications. Perfect for this application. 

A great result thanks to the seamless cooperation of AmbaFlex with DCC automation.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to new heights!

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