14/6 - Curved Solutions: A lightbulb moment

Curved Solutions: A lightbulb moment

Connecting different parts of a line will often require a creative solution as space restraints or other physical obstacles limit the options. AmbaVeyor Curved Solutions offers various unique, plug and play conveyor shapes that open up a world of possibilities, removing those bothersome limitations.

Project information:

·         Curved Solution: Lightbulb

·         No extra transfers

·         No controls needed

·         Most compact solution available

·         Low TCO

Most conveyors can only handle complex shapes by adding many individual parts together, increasing complexity, transfers, maintenance issues, which all add to the total costs and decrease efficiency.

In this specific project, in a picking line process, they wanted to connect one conveyor line to the one directly on top of it. This requires a bulb shape conveyor that can circle the products upwards. The unique technology used by our Curved Solution program enables AmbaFlex to do this in 1 continuous shape, without extra transfers or complex controls.

Watch this short video about our Curved Solution

Another significant benefit is the small footprint which meant the customer could add additional lines and greatly increase the efficiency of the complete facility.

Our AmbaVeyor Bulb shape is just one of many unique offerings of our Curved Solutions program. Please contact one of our experts to discuss your specific needs.

AmbaVeyor modular conveyor system for Endless Flexibility!

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