19/7 - Electric swingarm

Electric swingarm

Working with pneumatic equipment in logistic facilities has various advantages but also one major drawback, there has to be a supply of compressed air somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Electricity, though, is always accessible and available in almost any part of the building. As a result, the trend to switch to all electrical equipment is rapidly gaining traction.

Seeing this change happen early on, AmbaFlex invested in developing an all-electrical swingarm for the SpiralVeyor MultiLevel. This electrical version of the well-known pneumatic variant offers the same trusted performance without the need to have a costly compressed air system somewhere nearby, not to mention the cables and other equipment needed, twisting through your facility, to reach various spots in the facility.

Using an electric swingarm makes for a much simpler and faster installation saving the time otherwise needed to lay down and connect the compressed air. Using the electric variant also brings down the noise levels compared to pneumatic variants.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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