26/5 - Enabling a non-stop operation

Enabling a non-stop operation

When one of the largest flour producers in South America needed to run a non-stop operation without a warehouse, they turned to AmbaFlex for a solution that revolutionized the flour industry.

While building a 36 silo flour processing plant in Brazil to produce 50Kg bags, our customer ran into the problem that they did not have the space to build a warehouse to store the daily production. This lack of storage meant that the trucks had to wait for their orders to be produced before they could load it, making the factory run at less than 20% capacity.

The end-user needed to achieve 100% production capacity without building a horizontal warehouse, which would require the acquisition of extra land. The solution was to create a building directly next to the silos to store the production at different levels and, at the same time, transport the product to the awaiting trucks.

To resolve the material handling challenges, the end-user contacted AmbaFlex for a solution.

In collaboration with the end-user engineering team, AmbaFlex designed an innovative solution. The 50 Kg bags would be filled on the 10th floor and lowered to the storage levels by six-SV spirals installed in an elevator shaft. At each level, there is a picking loop that enables the operators to load and offload bags. Eventually, bringing them down to the ground floor where telescopic conveyors fill the trucks.

Thanks to a combination of Brazilian engineering and AmbaFlex technology, the end-user is able to run a 36 silo flour filling operation without the need of building a warehouse or acquiring additional land.

Watch this video about the silo's in Brazil


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