7/5 - Introduction Satoshi Inoue, Field Service Technician Japan

Introduction Satoshi Inoue, Field Service Technician Japan

At the moment, one department has more challenges than another to carry out the work in a 'normal' way. For AmbaFlex Customer Service this is perhaps the most true. The work for Field Service also continues during the lockdowns. In the coming updates, we will introduce you to a number of dedicated Service Technicians around the world.

My name is Satoshi Inoue. I am 48 years old and have been working at AmbaFlex since 2019. I started as an Asia pacific area Service Engineer who installs AmbaFlex products like SpiralVeyors at the end-user site. I also perform maintenance, give training and assist customer support with trouble shooting issues. I am also in charge of spare parts sales domestically.

As we’ve already sold many AmbaFlex products in Japan, I am always on route to help our customers with their installations. Since my start at AmbaFlex I have already faced a lot of variation in end-user sites and many different configurations of our products. These experiences help me grow and, together with the pleasure of meeting various nice customers, they keep me really motivated.

At this moment Japan declared the emergency state for the whole country. Nevertheless, we must keep our business going. This is a big challenge for us as we fight against the risk of Corona. I follow the strictest safety procedures in order to keep myself and others safe during my work and travel. I check body temperature every morning when I wake up and again when I enter the work site. I wear a mask all times and sterilize my hands with alcohol frequently. It can also be a challenge to find a place to stay near the work site or a restaurant that’s open during this emergency state. But no matter the obstacles, I’m proud I can help our customers even in these difficult times.

On holiday, I spend most of my time fishing and am a government authorized Japanese official fishing instructor. I prefer to fish for trout in the lake by lure and on occasion enter trout fishing tournaments. I have even won some prizes in the past. Besides lakes fishing I also enjoy fishing in rivers and on sea. When I can, I travel to different places around the world to catch various monsters that I have never seen in my life.


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