12/11 - Investing in solutions

Investing in solutions

We understand that our customers aren't interested in buying spirals per se. Instead, they are searching for the most cost-efficient and reliable way to add one or more functionalities to their lines.

This is why we work closely with several key players from each one of our markets, looking at the challenges they are facing now, and those they expect to be facing in the near future. Together with our many years of experience, we are able to focus our development on solutions that are a perfect fit for real-world situations.

As a result, we don't sell spirals per se, but efficient solutions based on spiral technology.

One way to ensure we can keep developing these products for the market today as well as for the future is to invest heavily in our R&D department. One of these investments is our research center with extensive capabilities to measure all relevant variables and recreate the challenges we come across in the field together with our customers.

It allows us to test for every conceivable type of product, fine-tune our machines, explore the limitations of new materials and technologies and invent the next generation of solutions. 

Are you facing an elevation, accumulation or conveying challenge in your current or planned layout? Get in touch through our website and receive a customized proposal from one of our AmbaFlex experts!

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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