9/10 - Keeping up with the robots

Keeping up with the robots

A global leader in chemical and consumer goods had to think of a way to maximize the throughput of their filling machine. They already placed two Pick&Place case packer robots to handle the speed but lacked a space-efficient solution to deliver the empty carton boxes for the robots to fill.

The Pick&Place robots both needed their own steady supply of pre-erected carton boxes to be able to fill them with bottles fast enough, before sending both lines back to a single palletizer. But this situation with two separate tracks diverging and converging made it a challenge to feed both the robots within the available floor-space.

With this in mind, the AmbaFlex engineering team managed to come up with a unique but simple solution without needing two separate spiral conveyors to handle the individual streams of cartons. Keeping the line very space efficient.

This particular solution consisted of a single 600mm wide SpiralVeyor® with an extra stainless plate guide added in the middle to separate the two lines of cartons for the full 40+ meters of conveyor length. Since both robots worked on a linked start/stop system, there was no need to include separate tracks and drives, keeping the cost to a minimum.

It takes years of experience and a clear focus on spiral innovation to be able to solve complex problems with simple but creative solutions. AmbaFlex is the only manufacturer of spiral conveyors that specializes solely in these type of machines giving them a definitive edge over competitors.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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