3/11 - Maximum floor efficiency

Maximum floor efficiency

A manufacturer of aerosol and spray paint products wanted to add a new line to their existing floorplan. As is often the case with these projects, there was little to no room left to add all the extra machines.

With parts of the new line scattered throughout the different halls, the metal F-Style gallons & quarts canisters had to travel for more than 15 meters, through an intersecting wall, spanning product lines and a storage area to get to the next part.

This is where AmbaFlex came in with a perfect solution, the SVs Portal ONE. The combination of 2 narrow-belt spirals connected with a ceiling suspended, 15-meter long, connection bridge made it possible to connect the different processes without having to redesign the whole floor plan.

The best part of this option though is that both spirals and the bridge run on only one drive and one belt. This means there are no additional transfers used and the items stay in the same place on the belt throughout their journey over the portal, ultimately reducing the risk of product-disorientation or product-jams.

The customer was so pleased with the remarkably efficient system that it saw more possibilities for future enhancements in the other product lines.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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