7/9 - Multi-Level Spiral Conveyors at LF Logistics, Sydney

Multi-Level Spiral Conveyors at LF Logistics, Sydney

Also in Australia the Multi-Level Spiral Conveyors are indispensable! It offers greater flexibility when designing your lay-out in 3 dimensions. Products can be merged into, or be diverted from, the SpiralVeyor on different levels.

Integrated by Dexion Asia Pacifc:

Congratulations to LF Logistics for the construction of their first distribution centre in Australia!

Dexion is thrilled to be part of your growth and we are proud to have achieved practical completion of this landmark site located in Sydney’s Marsden Park Logistics Estate.

The impressive 20,000 sqm purpose-built industrial distribution centre features a 3-tier mezzanine storage area for tote and carton storage. The emphasis for operational efficiency called for 180,000 pick spaces along with a dedicated pallet storage areas for seamless logistical movement.

Construction started in June 2020 and the 3-month completion of the site is a testament to amazing team effort with all our partners LF Logistics, TM Insight & LOGOS Group.

Look out for more LF Logistics site highlights and updates in the coming weeks!

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