4/4 - Offline buffering for maximum efficiency

Offline buffering for maximum efficiency

Many production lines have one or more machines that need to be stopped and restarted frequently, greatly affecting line efficiency. Depending on the situation, an accumulation system can be used to hold items in place while the machine is stopped. This prevents the items from backing up and slowing down the rest of the production line.

Project details:

- Offline accumulation
- AccuVeyor AVo 90 meters of accumulation
- This translates into 8 minutes of extra storage

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snHEMhMgyk8

This customer sought a simple but effective way to buffer their product flow. As is often the case with cartoners, small stops and jams were common at their layout and significantly impacted the efficiency. In case of one of those micro stops, the line needed a buffer big enough to give the engineers the time required to fix the problem. 

The AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor was the ideal solution. Not only do AmbaFlex spirals have a compact footprint, but with the patented triple-e technology, they also have the unique ability to push the performance and increase height while lowering energy usage and maintenance costs.

In this case the AccuVeyor AVo, with 90 meters of conveyor belt, gives the line 8 minutes of extra time. Once there is a downstream stop, the first switch gets a signal to divert the products "offline" to the Spiral. 

The AVo, which is reversible, provides vertical accumulation and starts buffering. Products enter the AccuVeyor AVo on a LIFO basis, and once the downstream process is running again, the AVo reverses, and via a second switch, the products are brought back into the production line again. This "offline" buffering system compensates for downstream stops and significantly improves the overall production efficiency.

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