1/11 - Patentcase; Shanghai JA-VA Conveyor., Ltd

Patentcase; Shanghai JA-VA Conveyor., Ltd

Developing new innovations within your market is often hard and requires huge investments but can also bring great rewards if successful. To ensure companies can keep investing in the development of future products it’s of paramount importance that they can reap the benefits of their ideas before they’re released into the public domain.

Unfortunately, after Hongs-Belt, Cabax, and Huige, another business called ‘Shanghai YA-VA Conveyor Co.,Ltd.’, is suspected of infringing on proprietary AmbaFlex technology.

Continuing our fight against the illegal copies we are preparing to present our case for the Peoples Court of China and will issue a warning against the newly found copy-cat, informing them of their infringement and offering to solve this issue outside of the court. We are diligent in defending our patents worldwide and will not hesitate to file for a lawsuit if YA-VA does not respond accordingly.

Defending our patents not only protects the possibility of future innovations but also protects the customer from severe production issues as a result of these faulty copies.

As the proud inventor of the SpiralVeyor, we have installed more than 20.000 machines worldwide in some of the most demanding conditions.

Our patented products and designs are exclusively available for customers of AmbaFlex. The patented technology together with our many years of experience guarantees you will have the most effective and cost-efficient solution available in the market today.

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