23/5 - Proven reliability

Proven reliability

One of the most important characteristics of any machine is its reliability. When a production or logistics line is in full swing, the last thing you want is for a machine to malfunction. An emergency repair will hurt the line's efficiency and increase costs significantly. 

Project details:
-          SpiralVeyors running problem-free for more than 15 years 
-          Proven reliability of AmbaFlex technology
-          Future-proof

Reliability is often promised but can only really be proven through time. Will the machine run as promised, without jams, malfunctions, and with as little maintenance as possible? These are essential questions when building a future-proof production line or logistics setup.

In late 2007 one of our valued Italian customers wanted a mass flow spiral conveyor solution able to handle heavy loads to get filled PET bottles up to the next level. The spot it would take was relatively hard to reach, so even more than usual; reliability was absolutely critical. This was one of the reasons they went for the compact SpiralVeyor SVm from AmbaFlex. Proven reliability and an ingenious maintenance system ensured 15 years (and counting) of worry-free running time. 

Another, even older, example is from a respected clothing supplier in the USA. More than 16 years ago, they were looking for a machine that could elevate clothing in bulk in all shapes and sizes. The AmbaFlex SVe extreme wide-belt was installed and is still running, to this day, with a minimum of maintenance.

The singular focus on spiral technology combined with the years of experience in various markets makes that the AmbaFlex spirals have unparalleled reliability. Not just promised, but proven.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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