16/10 - Stacking in tight quarters

Stacking in tight quarters

When having to build or upgrade production lines in tight quarters, spiral conveyors are the perfect way to keep the layout compact. However, sometimes space constraints get even more severe, and creative solutions have to be found.

One of our e-commerce customers from Germany wanted to put a spiral into an old elevator shaft. Which is relatively common if it weren’t for the fact this one needed to be stacked due to a combination of height, heavy loads and desired throughput. Traditionally when stacking spirals on top of each other, they need a connection loop to join them together.

This loop is a U-shaped horizontal conveyor section connecting the upper and lower end of the individual spirals in question. These extruding parts would make it impossible to fit in a tight shaft.


AmbaFlex invented a new technical solution to resolve this issue. A return part shaped like an upside down ‘J’ that eliminates the need for a loop. This newly developed part is a smart way to keep the stacked spirals as compact as possible, enabling it to fit into tight places such as elevator shafts.

spiral stacking

The J-configuration helps customers around the world achieve the absolute maximum floor potential possible by creating even stacked solutions compact.

Are you interested in the possibilities of an AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor and how they can improve your line-efficiency? Please contact us through www.ambaflex.com

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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