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The highest quality standards

Transporting unpacked products brings about a whole new set of challenges, even more so when it's naked food. All the conventional but important aspects stay, yet it now also includes all the food safety regulations. Thanks to the flexible and robust AmbaFlex technology, we were able to develop several options to match these requirements perfectly. 

Project details:

  • Fully washable stainless steel SpiralVeyor SV
  • 600mm wide belt
  • Unique food-grade slats
  • Transporting frozen pieces of naked bread

One of the most prominent bakers in Europe exports its delicious products to over 25 countries worldwide. Ensuring the products stay fresh and tasty, even after traveling great distances, is critical for their success. 

In this specific case, they freeze their products through a big spiral freezer. Freshly baked bread goes into the freezer on the ground level and comes out entirely frozen at the top. The challenge they had was getting the frozen naked pieces of bread down again to the packing area, with little floor space left.

Looking for a solution that matched the requirements, they needed something that would fit, have the required throughput, and keep the products free from possible contamination. This means the transport surface would have to be food-grade material and free from oil, material from wear and tear, and all other risk factors.

Using our flexible and robust standard SV platform, we developed a set of options that perfectly fit all the necessary requirements. The most important one is the unique food-grade slats that touch the product. These have to be of the highest standard in order to keep the product in pristine condition while allowing it to travel down to the floor level safely. Combined with a unique small end-roller for a seamless transfer between conveyors makes this SpiralVeyor SV the perfect solution for the job.

This configuration of the AmbaFlex spiral elevator is completely washable due to its stainless steel build. Fit for a long, low-maintenance life in the most demanding environments.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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