30/11 - The ultimate line efficiency booster

The ultimate line efficiency booster

The packaging of products is an art in itself. It's not just the colors, images, and patterns but also the package's shape that can be used to stand out. Using a unique form can set you out from the competition. On the other hand, it can also cause unique challenges for the production line.

Case in point, the Prisma packs. These are a variation on the standard rectangular 'brick' packages we all know. The shape gives your product a unique look and makes it easier to grip while on the go. The downside is that machines can have difficulty handling it while moving through the processes in a production line.

One of our customers wanted to implement a dynamic accumulator between the filler and the capper. As the filling machine is the most critical part of the line, and the capping machine is prone to suffer from various micro-stops, they needed to decouple those two operations. 

Most accumulators have to touch the product to switch it from an accumulation track to a release track. This is a significant issue for delicate products that will be damaged if clamped or grabbed, but also for odd-shaped products like the Prisma pack, which will suffer from disorientation. This can result in jams on the connecting conveyor or the next machine's infeed.

The next generation of dynamic accumulators, designed by AmbaFlex, solved this issue. We designed an AccuVeyor that doesn't transfer the product itself but the belt it sits on. With a system called the Belt Transfer Unit, the machine lifts the track instead of the product. This ensures that every product stays on the exact same spot of the belt, keeping it in perfect condition.

With the AccuVeyor AVh-p between the two operations, any issues that might bother the capper will be caught by the AVh-p and accumulated until the problem is solved and enabling the filler to run continuously. As the AccuVeyor can instantly respond to any changes, it will contribute to optimal line efficiency. 

The AVh-p is a variation on the regular AVh platform where the two tracks aren’t nested but run parallel to each other. This offers extra height clearance for tall products, further improved stability and a lower overall machine height.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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